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Established in 2016, we are a newer cell phone repair company, located in California.  Although new, our technicians have more than six years of experience.  We understand that you have a lot of options, but please take a moment to read what our customers have to say about their experience working with us.

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Best iPhone repair place I have ever been to! And the only one I will ever go to again. Chris helped us and did an amazing job. He was fast and accurate and fixed my phone in no time at all. I am so impressed that he sat and took the
Time to troubleshoot my issues at no cost and let
Me know beforehand what exactly
Would need to be replaced and what the cost
Would be. I am so grateful! The prices were excellent, way better than ANYWHERE ELSE! They had all the necessary parts available in-store and made sure to test everything before giving us the
Phone back. My phone works perfectly and I have had no other issues with it since! I have already recommended family and friends here and they are happy as well! Thank you again Chris, I am so happy with my working phone :)
This place is awesome! I cracked my screen and fixed it for 80 bucks. Best deal I got! Quick! Recommend this place if you need to fix your screen.
I had my iPhone 5 battery replace in 15min plus.  Great service, clean store front to get your phone fixed.  Zeeshan was very friendly.  I highly recommend him.
These guys are awesome. Came in today for a minor fix (stripped screw on the bottom of my iphone that I needed removed to fix my display) and these guys not only fixed the screw but also fixed the display while they were in there! Since the repair was minor they didn't even charge me, that's great customer service and technically I wasn't even a customer! 

I'm definitely recommending this place to anyone with phone issues.

Thank you!
Came in to have my daughter's iPhone screen fixed. 
I had great customer service. The price was very reasonable and it was fixed in a few minutes. I would highly recommend this place for your mobile needs.
So happy he was able to fix my phone that I somehow managed to dip in a cup of water. My phone needed a new screen as the LCD was damaged but the phone still functional. Very grateful to have found this place. Did it at a lower rate than a couple of other places I called for quotes before coming here. Overall, great experience here. I'll be back if I manage to damage my phone again.
Loved how Zeeshan and Chris were quick to answer my initial questions on the phone on Monday. My Galaxy Samsung S5 had a cracked screen and they didn't have the part so they said they would have it on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday and they had the part ready for me. Screen replacement took less than 30 minutes and they have the best pricing!
Chris was quick, professional and got my phone all set.  What else ya want.  Good place!
This place was a life saver! They fixed and iPhone we thought was a goner for sure - Chris was friendly, patient and very professional! He also fixed it like new and in record time. Thank you Chris! We definitely recommend Cell Phone Pro Repair!
This place is super convenient and awesome. Fast service and friendly service. Probably the cheapest place to get a repair in Orange or Anaheim area. My phone seriously looks new. Definitely recommend!
Great place! Took my phone in with a crack screen and dent, Apple Store wouldn't fix it but these guys did in under 30 mins. Would for sure recommend!! Thanks again
I walked into the store around 6:30pm.
And they were able to replace the screen on my iPhone 6 in no time and the store closed @7:00pm.
I hope I don't have any more problems with my phone but if I do I will be going back to this store.
My son dropped his iPhone 6 and trashed his screen. (These new screens are fragile!) I called around to several repair places and Cell Phone Pro Repair had the best price by $40. I took the phone in and they fixed while I waited, about 15 minutes. The phone looks and works great and the service was fast and friendly. I also learned a couple of very useful things about cell phones and wireless companies while I was waiting.





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